Here Comes the Sun!

Published: April 15, 2014

The sun has shone all day today with very light winds making it the best day for tennis so far this year. Coincidently I heard ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by the Beatles this morning & I was struck by how much George Harrison captures the mood of every outdoor tennis coach in the UK & beyond. When I hear this uplifting song at this time of year it heralds the end of those cold, dark nights & the start of 8 months of relatively tennis friendly weather.

Coaching in freezing temperatures under floodlights with frost forming around you is possibly not the image he had it mind but “it’s been a long cold lonely winter” sums up my feelings precisely. The longer, warmer, sunnier days are back, & it really does feel like years since they’ve been here!

My job is to harness the renewed interest the good weather brings by enthusing more players to play more often. The better the weather, the more inclined people are to play tennis. I am a fervent advocate of tennis as a year round sport but even I have to admit it’s better in the summer.

Enjoy the weather & don’t forget the sunhat!