Optima Tiny Tennis classes are the ideal way to introduce young children (2-4 years) into the sport.

I teach basic technique but the real emphasis is on fun games & drills that help develop co-ordination, balance & agility.

We practise lots of underarm & overarm throwing which is great practice for hitting serves & groundstrokes. The children have a great time & learn skills that provide a great foundation for not only tennis but a whole host of other sports.

One of the key benefits of starting tennis at this age is that it provides the building blocks for learning basic tactics & technique which can be used in Mini Tennis, the child-friendly version of the real game for ages 5-10 years.


Saturday 3/4 9.15-10.00am

03-Apr    10-Apr    17-Apr (3 Lessons) £18.90


Below; two former Optima Tiny Tennis  pupils (just kidding!)